2019 Lexus NX 300 lease GA

I know nothing about Lexus but this offer seems high!

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way too much, there’s currently $1500 rebate on the car so the $6100 discount incl $1500 in rebates. Also seems to have some nonsense add-on 3M paint protection. Usually when I see those types of add-ons, it’s an indication that the dealer is a rip off.

Must be that “Glazed Caramel” Interior…:doughnut::doughnut:

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Looks like it is a “fully loaded” “glazed” caramel model. So obviously these are so rare you need all sort of protection packages added on to the lease …

Doable at $430/mo including taxes and zero DAS. This was presented to me in Dec on a base NX300 msrp about $40K, but i walked as i was looking for 329 + tax + zero DAS.

I am also looking at a new NX 300. My local dealer said there was a conquest program that would waive up to 3 of my remaining lease payments (Cadillac ATS). I haven’t been able to find anything about Lexus NX conquest cash. Does anyone know if this is real?