2019 LEXUS GX460 PREMIUM PACKAGE, 57,224 MSRP, $475.00 plus your sales tax, 27 Months, Only $1,200 DAS

Yes, Only From Your Auto Advocate. :grinning:

MSRP $57,224

27 month Lease
10,000 Miles a year
$1,200.00 DAS
$475.00 plus tax

MF .00180
Residual 67%
Incentives, rebates and Encore client rate included

Any BUYER interested, you must email me as I’m not on here 24/7. Socal residents only for this particular deal. Fee is worked a little different for Leasehackr clients. 1% of the MSRP up to $49,999. $50,000 MSRP or higher, 1.5% fee for any Leasehackr deal. I will save you a lot of time and stress not to mention MONEY! Delivered to your place of business or home.

For any other manufacturers, I will be more than happy to help or at least point you in the right direction. Pick one (or two in some cases) car and when you are ready to buy and email me. I’m not a salesman (Not that there is anything wrong with that). I am your advocate. You and I are on the same team here as it isn’t me against you! I will always do my best but sometimes my best isn’t good enough. I will try to get the best deal and work hard for you.

I need your help!
I am getting questions like "What’s your best deal on a BMW X5? My answer is “I have no clue” I need to know all the particulars to do the best and quickest job for you. You must email me after our first interaction. I NEED AMMO from you. I need to know the exact version and MSRP car you are looking at. I need to know where you live. I need your name I’m not a Retail dealership where you can say whats the best price for your Mercedes CLA. That’s not what I do. I will get the best price but need info! Again, it’s you and I on the same team. I’m here to take care of everything for you, with you. All I need is the powerful info from you. If you have been in contact with dealerships you need to tell me which ones as we don’t want too many chefs in the kitchen. No reason to hide anything from me as I’m here for YOUR best interest. All of that cost you nothing UNTIL you take delivery of your new car! Thank you.

Your Auto Advocate



Anyone on hear have an upvote for Michael or can post about their experience?


I may be emailing you direct to chat about my current luxury wagon lease search.

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475 for a $57,000 Lexus! Last week for this… Email me!

It’s 475 plus 30-45 tax plus 850 broker plus 350 DMV for months 24-27. Plus 1200 tdas. More like 550 incl tax and “fees” plus 1200 tdas

No, but thank you!
It’s 475 plus whatever your state tax is period. The only money you are writing a check for is 1200 period. The numbers are what they are. You can move the drive off up or down. Put the bank fee in the back of front and so on. Bottom line this awesome deal is exactly what I wrote. Thanks again.
So anyone want a 57k lexus for 475 a month plus sales tax and 1200 out of pocket?
Call the fee what you want, put it into the pmt or pay with after delivery. I’m saving whoever gets this car 1000s not to mention saving then time and stress. What is your time worth? Again, it is what it is.

So to confirm, cause I know your posts are always a bit confusing — this is $475+tax with $1,200 DAS and a $858 broker fee.


You are correct on the numbers.
And yes, 1.5% of MSRP (57224) is indeed $858.

I believe the std convention is written 1.5% not 1 1/2%.

Like my sales tax is 8.6% or is it 8 3/5%

Seems like a good way to confuse people


What’s your contact number ?

But the $858 isn’t a “broker” fee, it’s a “1 1/2% advocate fee”!

YOUR AUTO ADVOCATE is not a broker.

You may also have heard of Car Brokers who claim to get you the best price on a car. At first glance, this seems like a great solution since you save money without paying a fee. But look a little closer; the broker gets paid an undisclosed amount FROM YOU by the dealer by inflating your payment without you knowing it. This creates a tremendous conflict of interest. Where is the broker’s loyalty? We want to say, not all brokers do this and many nowadays charge an upfront fee to do the work which is very fair in our eyes.

Your Auto Advocate is not a broker and never accepts any compensation from a dealership or their representatives. When you hire Your Auto Advocate you are hiring a consumer advocate who will work solely on your behalf with professionalism and integrity to bring you the best deal possible. Not to mention, when you deal with Your Auto Advocate, you will have no stress, no countless hours on the phone and or in a dealership.

Can you see how much same car would be with
36 mo
12k miles
0 drive off

@7deuce, yes tomorrow…

@7deuce… Sent you message.

36 Months at 12k is 495 plus tax… same perimeters as listed