2019 Lexus ES Base- Good Deal?

Base car- 3 miles on odometer.

MSRP: $40,630.00
Selling price: $31,500.00
Incentives: 4K
MF: don’t have handy
Terms: 36/10
Payment: $365
Zero down, zero drive off, no MSDs, no first month.
Location: SoCal

How did I do?

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Did you sign already?

Very close to.

I’m guessing that sales price includes the $4k incentive already? That means you’re at 12.6% discount, which is pretty good. You might be able to squeeze another few hundred off. Base MF should be .0003, so apply 4 MSDs to bring the MF down to .00002.

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Rebates are 4500 right now, 4k lease cash and 500 bonus. I’ve had 2 dealerships show that to me.

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@Jon- yes the selling price includes the 4K.

I just asked a Lexus dealer I trust and he said just the 4k. Maybe it is regional.

Edmunds shows $4k for the base model in SoCal too.

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I can show proof. So far 3 dealers have offered me 4500 this week

In SoCal? Sure show us, i am curious

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Hi! I’m also looking into Lexus ES 350 lease.

Here is what I have:

Dealer 1:

Dealer 2:

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Thanks. I wonder if it only applies to certain stock or you haven’t had issues getting it on any ES?

On Edmunds, the extra $500 only shows up if you select a base model or F sport model.

I was looking for F-sport but this one is a base car, right?

Yes- it is a base.