2019 Lexus ES 350 Premium Lease Deal

2019 Lexus ES 350 Premium
MSRP: $47,512.00
Savings: ($3,235.00)

Installed Items:
No Additional Items Installed.
Price Including Dealer-Installed Items * $44,277.00
Manufacturer-to-Customer Rebate (Valid through 8/31/2019):**
*Manufacturer’s rebate is credited after applicable taxes are calculated. ($2,250.00)
Costco Member-Only Price

  • Price does not include any tax, license or $598.00 Doc Fee.

Traditional Lease:
500.00 Below Costco Pricing
1,300.00 Behind Invoice
M.F. .0006
Residual 49%
O.T.D. Purchase $ 42,255.02

Single Pay/One Pay Lease:
12,000 Miles a year
36 month one pay/Single Pay = 20,377.44

From Dealer/Salesperson*
"In the state of KY you would have to pay the taxes up front on a one pay.
If you did a auto set up monthly payment it would be a little cheaper $ 549.00 X 36 Months = 19,200.00. "

“I’m confused as to this last part of the quote from the Dealer. Is this a Lexus thing? Sounds like it defeats the purpose of a Single Pay lease.”
I also wanted to know :

Res. and MF for 36/10K 36/12K . and the RES and MF for Single pay/One pay lease.
New to Lexus and their leasing any feedback and thoughts appreciated.

In the state of Kentucky you have to pay the entirety of the sales tax (as if you were buying the car) on a one pay lease. It doesn’t always make sense to do a one pay in KY unless the MF is high enough to offset the difference in tax. Most one pays done in KY are Indiana or Florida residents.

I’m still trying to get MF info but not successful so far from any source. MF does change between single pay and traditional leases. I currently have a single pay lease so I’ve been through the process just can’t get answers so far.

Mark down is .001 - lowest possible lease factor is .00001

Im not sure what this is in reference to.

The money factor discount on a single pay lease. The discount for a single pay lease is.001 and the lowest possible money factor is .00001

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Final deal offer.
With $3999 due at signing the following is based on a $45,138 MSRP car.
The payment includes all taxes and fees associated with the lease. No surprises.
36 mos
12,000 miles $436
10,000 miles $422
7,500 miles $409.

Is this the national offer? Someone posted something similar.

What you need to do is identify the dealer discount you are getting and then all the incentives possible.

I knew my posting would be sparse. No this isn’t the national offer. The National offer is for MSRP of $41xxx. This is a deal that has been specifically worked up between the Gen. Sales manager and myself.
Here is a break down of what is on the car.

18-in Split 10-Spoke Alloy Wheels $770.00

Blind Spot Monitor w/Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Intuitive Parking Assist w/Auto Braking $1,065.00

Heated Wood & Leather Trimmed Steering Whl with Windshield Wiper Deicer & Fast Response Int Heater $480.00

Premium Package: Lexus Memory System for Driver’s Seat, Outside Mirrors and Steering Wheel, Power Tilt and Telescopic Steering Wheel, Rain Sensing Wipers, Heated and Ventilated Seats $1,175.00

Wood Trim $360.00

All Weather Floor Liners with Trunk Tray $248.00

Trunk Mat, Cargo Net, Wheel Locks, Key Gloves $265.00

Total Optional Equipment $4,363.00

Vehicle Base Model $39,750.00
Delivery Processing and Handling $1,025.00
Total MSRP* $45,138.00

Effectively over $500/mo, doesn’t seem great. 12% off before incentives is what to shoot for on Lexus. Don’t put $4k down

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The options don’t matter.
You need to know what discount you are getting as mentioned above.

Do you have a breakdown of the 3999 due at signing?

$45,138 MSRP

$4000 discount

$2750 lease cash

$3999 due at signing

.00025 MF

53% on 7500 miles

52% on 10000 miles

51% on 12000 miles

The payment includes all taxes and fees associated with the lease.
36 mos
12,000 miles $436
10,000 miles $422
7,500 miles $409.

Is this enough info to determine if I am getting a good deal or not? What else do I need to know or to ask for in order to know where this deal ranks. Total for entire lease comes to $18,723.

$3999, this is a cap cost reduction, the final selling price, $38388 . That is what I just got back from the dealer.

so is that 12% from MSRP of $45138? Or after $4000 discount then $2750 lease cash?

12% before the lease cash and don’t put any money down, just do first payment or nothing. Any cash you put down would be lost in the event of an accident where the vehicle is totaled.

$45,138*.88=$39,721, this should be your target selling price


Thank you so much! How would I calculate monthly payment.

What about the $4000 discount? Sorry. I guess the 12% would be the discount. Not 4000

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Get a lease sheet or screenshot from the dealer and post it minus any personal details.

This car is known to meet the 1% rule, you are looking at north of 500 for a 46 k car.