2019 Lease Support Hyundai

I was wondering if anyone knew if lease support will continue for 2019 Hyundai models through March? I’m currently looking at a 2019 sonata se.

I would like to pull the trigger on one right now in Feb but I want to be sure my current swap is officially gone before I proceed.

Thank you!

I’d be concerned about inventory, there’s very few left in my area. Where are you with the bimmer transfer? Once it’s approved and they have received the docs, it takes about ten days to complete(and you can’t really stop it at that point). They’ll send you an email saying it’s ok to release the car(ten days after paperwork received) and the official papers are mailed.

Getting rid of X3 because needs a 3rd row to fit a baby, getting a Sonata instead…what’s happening here?


Husband needs a commuter car ie. Sonata, I am taking his explorer which has 3rd row. Thank you for keeping tabs!

We’re at stage two. The person’s credit has been approved and we have both signed and sent the transfer documents. I’m thinking if that happens by Friday, maybe I could still pull off a February deal for the Hyundai.

No problems. He’s a good dude if he’d rather drive a 2019 Sonata than X3. Curious what the Sonata deal is.

Honestly if it’s approved and the other person sent the paperwork back(we exchanged tracking info, priority mail on mine),I wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on the next car, I did!

IMO pull the trigger before March programs begin, probably next Tuesday, but what’s the deal you’re contemplating?

What’s the RV and MF according to Edmunds?

March 2nd is the last day for “Feb” Hyundai programs.

And yes, what is the deal you’re getting for a *2019 Sonata SE?
$5250 lease cash
0.00164 MF
36/10k: Residual 47%

Plot twist, my husband saw the 2020 and now wants that one because of the redesign and improved interior. So looks like I’ll be starting all over again…

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The 2020 Sonata is of course much nicer. I should have the programs later this week, but the overall discounts won’t be that strong as it’s a brand new redesign.