2019 Laramie Lease- what am I missing?

Ok all, help me figure out where the dealer is hiding money and next best steps as when I use the calculator, I’m getting a different payment.

2019 RAM Laramie 4x4
MSRP: 54895
Sales Price: 45500
MF: 00065
Residual- 30741.20

$0 down/$525 a month.

What am I missing? How can I get the dealer to come down a bit?

I’m in the mixed of negotiating a Laramie msrp 58,345 . We were at 599/mo now we’ve made it down to 550/mo only 1st payment due at signing (36/12 lease) .

Once I have the full breakdown I’ll post

what are taxes looking like?

You are at $515 a month pretax.

What incentives are included in that selling price?

So they are quoting me on the deal sheet $525 with tax. (7.5% tax for the region).

With incentives, that is the fun part, I cant get them to detail it out- they came back and said that $48500 was the sales price and they had an additional $3000 off for a final sales price of $45500.

use autobytel, figure out what you’re eligible for, did you check edmunds to confirm the base mf and residual? They can also supply you with incentives on edmunds (lease specific of course)