2019 Kia Stinger GT2 AWD - New England


Hi guys, I am missing the MF but here is what I have so far:

MSRP $53,660
Selling Price $48,960
Term Miles Residual % Lease Cash Adj Cap Cost
24 10k 0.51 $12,100 $36,860
24 12k 0.5 $12,100 $36,860
36 10k 0.46 $10,600 $38,360
36 12k 0.45 $10,600 $38,360

with 4-5k down (from a trade) i would be looking at a payment around $425 incl taxes

However this looks like a better opportunity to buyout the lease immediately since the residual is terrible, and im guessing the MF is terrible as well.

Any thoughts or advice? (Other than trying to reduce the selling price) I will update as i collect more info.

Thanks in advance

The only reason to lease a stinger is if you’re doing it for the larger lease incentives and then immediately buying it.

With that said, I personally can’t imagine getting a stinger when the G70 is out there.


I’m actually looking at those too. Looks like they have 5750 in lease cash or 0% for 84 months with 1k conquest for my vehicle. Leftover 2019s are ending up in the low to mid 40s depending on the package. Very similar cost, for what looks like a better vehicle.

Exactly. Price is very similar. Value is much higher.

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IF i go this route with the stinger, I think i would have to buy it out and apply the positive amount from my trade to the financing of the buyout instead of the lease itself. i.e. have them cut me a check instead of applying it to reduce payments

It wouldn’t make much difference if you apply it before or after buying out the lease. It’s going to drop the value either way.

Now, if you’re considering doing this, make very sure the tax implications in your state. I don’t know what CT does, but some states tax the whole lease value and then you’d be paying tax again on the lease buy out.

I’m interested in a Stinger as well lease/purchase. OP can you not get more dealer discount? That doesn’t seem like much for a GT2 and a leftover 2019 at that. What trim on the Genesis G70 is equal to a top of the line Stinger GT2 AWD? Just curious as I always thought those were much more expensive.

I don’t think too many people leasing this car pay attention to anything but the Cap Cost to purchase like a week or so after signing. Nothing else really matters if that’s your intent does it? Even buying at $36,860 is a heck of a deal for what you get.

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Koons quoted me 690/mo with true DAS. They’ve yet to answer me for the money factor and cap they’re using. (I’m in MA). 15k a year. 700/mo for a kia? Nope.

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At that point, why even bother?

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Not many at all within my area. VA has a ton. They’ve not responded to me, I’ve moved on.