2019 Kia Stinger GT1 AWD


Hey everyone I’m currently looking at AWD Kia Stinger GT1/2’s.

I’m currently working on a GT1 and this is my starting point. I’m just looking for information on where I should try and negotiate from here.


MSRP: $48,370
Residual: $25,636
Initial Cap: $46,370
Cap Reduction: $147
Rebate: $6900 ( $5900 lease cash + $1000 because I have an Audi currently )
Ad Cap Cost: $650
Adjusted Cap Cost: $39,972
MF: .00238
Tax: $1809
Total initial fees: $235
Base Rental: $554
Total Payment: $604

$1000 due at signing

Also, is anyone familiar with buying out the lease from these immediately after taking delivery of the car? If so what is the best way to figure out what exactly I would have to pay when I get the loan to buy out the lease? I know this is a good way to save money since they don’t really do good incentives for financing.

Thanks in advance!


Might just be the fact it leases poorly or has bad rate but this deal stinks. Keep working on it with more dealer discount.


This is a horrible deal. They’re not even going below invoice

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yikesssss and I thought Audi leases were bad

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Check out 24/10 numbers. There is $7400 rebate and the RV will be higher.

In my research so far, the Stinger leases better over 24 months.

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What would be a realistic price to get the car at then?


Ask this guy where he got his.

I don’t think his is AWD based on MSRP, though.