2019 Kia Stinger AWD GT2 36/12 1st DAS 518+tax (Missouri)

2019 Kia Stinger AWD GT2 (Missouri, KC area)

I’m getting ready to come off a lease on a 2016 Optima SXL (36k MSRP, 36/10, 1st DAS, 343/mo). I’ve been looking for a stinger lease for a while. This is the best I’ve seen one lease for a while and the best I’ve seen a 19 list.

I’m not really interested in a BMW or Mercedes, but am going to look at the Infiniti Q50 Red Sport before purchasing this. However, in my googling I’ve seen people ask for deals on Stingers and this one is better than 1% (w/o tax)


MSRP: $ 54355
Selling Price: $50800
Monthly Payment: $559 (518 w/o Tax)
Cash Due at Signing: $559
MSD: 0
Incentives:7100 lease cash, 2000 loyalty

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12
MF: .00195
Residual: 52

Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 8.6 years

BTW, forced to choose two tags, so I chose Infiniti and sedan…weird.

PS. I have a deal sheet on a GT1 as well (49k MSRP, 36/12, 477 before taxes, 1st DAS) if anyone wants I can put the numbers in.

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Why a Kia Stinger over a 340xi? Have you test driven the 340xi or compared the two? If you think the Stinger looks nice, you’ll be blown away by the competition. Especially when you’re considering paying nearly $600/month for a Kia.


Blockquote Why a Kia Stinger over a 340xi?

A few reasons

  1. The BMW dealer is inconveniently located and I don’t know enough about their cars to be comfortable doing my own service
  2. My teenage sons find the back of the Optima very comfortable, the Stinger slightly less comfortable, and the 340xi barely tolerable
  3. I need the extra trunk space
  4. Lease deals for Luxury brands are more difficult here than they are on the coasts.
  5. As far as I can tell (though I might be wrong about this, because the options for BMW’s are a maze I have not yet solved) adding the options I “require” (Adaptive cruise is #1) brings the price up quite a bit.

I’m not against getting one, I’m just not sure if I can realistically find the same sorts of deals I see on here. I might ping the Chicago guy I see on here and drop him 150 bucks to see if he can do better, or find a better option.

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Hmm I don’t know your market so I can’t speak to availability at all. But keep in mind BMWs come with prepaid maintenance which helps your service issue. If you’re after size, consider the 5 series or 3 series GT. I’d just suggest doing your due diligence since your price point opens up a lot of options

Do the BMW dealers where u r send valets to pick up your car or send loaners to swap w u at home/work?

Pretty good deal so far on a GT2 stinger IMO. As a current Kia owner, I’m glad to see they’re allowing us to stack loyalty with the lease cash (planning for next year). If you can hold till the end of the month, you could probably push them to 10 or 11% discount.

First, thanks for all the comments. I will actually visit the BMW dealer and see what it feels like to sit in a 5 series. I’ll see how close they can come to the Kia, which is right at the top of what I want to pay.

If I can’t get them to move much, I’ll ping the Chicago guy as I’m willing to go up there to close a deal and drive back.

No valets as far as I know but I forgot about the prepaid maintenance…that does make a difference.

Congrats…seems like a great deal! I also concur with your reasoning on the GT2 AWD compared to the competition any BMW/ Audi/ Mercedes/ Volvo with the same space/power/features is way more expensive to lease. The best I have seen is a $74xxx BMW 540i x-drive that was posted for $629 a month with about $2,3xx drive offs. I have been trying to get the '19 GT2 AWD for around $500/ month with drive offs but no one is budging.

qq - Is the $2,000 loyalty a new incentive from Kia?

Sai1, 2000 loyalty is new this month according to the dealer. I looked last month and seem to remember it was 1000, but I’ve looked at SO MANY leases I might be confused. 7100 lease cash is really good, too. It drops for the GT1 but I got a bigger discount on it.

I’ve got a few weeks if I want to pull the trigger on this (and if I let it go something else will come along), so going to do my due diligence with the Red Sport and the 540.

Thanks for the response. I checked and apparently, the incentives in my zip code does not have the $2,000 loyalty but it’s still $8500 for a 24 month 12k lease. On the competition, I have found the 540i or 640i with drivers assistance, executive, parking & Premium packages are quite good if not much better than the GT2 but no way can you get it for ~550 a month. I have a 2018 Infiniti QX60 with all options and seriously considered the Q50 RS but cannot bear to look at the outdated infotainment system for another 24/36/39 months! Just sharing my notes…

Volvo leases better than what you mentioned, but to each his own.

That being said, what about a Cadenza? My parents on are #2. There’s a lot of leg room in the back, and the seats are pretty good. You can get a fully-loaded one for around $40,000. They pay about $400 a month, and my dad had a lot of mileage overage on the last Cadenza. It’s also Florida, where we know deals stink.

I currently drive one and I can definitely vouch for it as well. It’s no stinger in terms of power and handling, but an overall great car. I’m 6’4" and the fact that people can actually sit behind me in comfort, with my seat all the way back is amazing.

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