2019 Kia Optima S lease


I would love some advice. I am looking to get into a 24/12k lease on a 2019 Kia Optima S. I have started discussions online with a couple of dealers here in Los Angeles and the numbers don’t look that great to me. One dealership has quoted the following.

MSRP $ 25950
Residual % 59
MF 0.00204
with $ 1000 down payment 24@ $ 289 plus tax
with $ 2000 down payment 24@ $ 249 plus tax

The dealer included Destination in the MSRP. Is that normal? (Another has quoted msrp as $25,900 and Invoice Price as $25,133.00).

I went back and established that there is $4,220 lease cash currently available but I don’t know if that has been factored in to the lease price.

I haven’t yet disclosed to the dealer that I actually went in to their dealership 2 days ago and was quoted, without negotiation, $1k down (including all fees) and $250pm inc. tax.

I have tried inputting the numbers in the calculator (perhaps wrongly) and they don’t seem to get very high LH scores. My question is therefore which elements of this deal are jacking up the price to make it uncompetitive? With a RV of 59% on a car that’s worth around $21k, I expected the lease payments to be better than this. But I’m not clear on which parts of the deal I should be attacking and on what basis. For example, what are the arguments for the MF being too high and do the dealers respond to that? Or is it better for me to simply decide the amount I am willing to pay per month and not get dragged into a discussion about the individual components of the deal?

Having negotiated hard but poorly on a couple of previous leases, I am determined to do a better job this time. With all the excellent information on this site, I feel much better informed about how a lease is calculated but with dealers being so opaque about their numbers, I don’t know how to make progress.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


Couple of questions for you before I can add input. Why the 2 year lease, 3 year is a little better. Why the 19 the 18 will lease better. I see the 19 has a few added features like push button start, but not much else.

I agree that there is very little difference between the 2018 and 2019. The dealership I visited said they didn’t have any more 2018s and besides they would match any deal they would do on a 2018 for a 2019. Obviously, that’s unlikely to be true. A broker was quoting $2k down and $225 (inc. tax) on a 2018 but when I visited the dealership, they were offering $1k down an $250 on a 2019.

I’m looking at 2 year leases because I may not be in the US in a couple of years and Kia leases don’t transfer.


If the 1K down covers drive offs and first month and its only 250 inclusive of your tax on a 2 year lease that is not a bad deal. Not sure why you think it isn’t competitive.

The Internet Sales guy at the same dealership is saying that original offer couldn’t have been made and he’s offering $1k down and $289 plus tax (which would total around $315). Am I right in thinking that the only variable that is negotiable in this deal is the selling price because the MF seems to be correct and the incentives applied are correct? Thanks.

Ask for a written quote. Try other dealers. Are you leasing now?

Yes. I currently lease a Ford.

You can look at equinox/terrain deals as I think they are still offering $1500 conquest rebate and decent 24 month terms. I would try to find a 2018 if you want to stick with the Kia.

Thanks very much. Really appreciate your input.

I’m a salesperson at a Dealer in Orange County, to answer your question, always come in with a certain price point. It depends on the dealership but I’ve had customers walk in with a ridiculous price point and after some reasoning, my manager has given numbers that even I find amazing. So there are things that can be adjusted when working a deal that are beyond MF or RV.