2019 Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid EX Premium SUV - East Bay - Please advise


I got the following quote for Niro Plugin Hybrid . Can you please advise if there is room for negotiation? if so what areas should be asked .I am not able to replicate it in lease calculator .

MSRP: 37325
Invoice Price: 36135
sale price before rebate 34900
Months: 36
Miles : 12K
Residual : 55%
MF: …00185
DownPayment : 0
Taxed incentives :4543
Untaxed Incentives :
ACQ Fee:650
Doc/Govt Fee: 593
Sales Tax:9.25%
Drive off :455
(First Month Payment:455
DownPayment :0
UpFront Fees :0
upFront Taxes)0

Sale price could come way more down, but you’re gonna have a hard time since SUV’s are hot, hybrids are expensive, and Kias don’t lease well. To be honest, I’d start looking at other options. You’re in Mercedes GLC 350E territory.

Kia usually takes off around 5k off MSRP, not counting incentives, which in this case should be plentiful.

Not a good deal.
R/V is $20,528
$455 X 36 month = $16,380 Total $36,908
So… This is not good deal.

Your number apply this site calculation. $386…
That dealer is not honest or not professional.

Thanks Ted. Thats the deal they offered me . I am looking for other vehicle now .

How’s that?