2019 Kia Niro Ev EX Lease


Hi Everyone! First post here. Looking to lease a 2019 Kia Niro Ev EX here in TX. Is this a good deal given the 8K offer, $0 down and assuming I buy at the end of the lease?

MSRP: $39,830
Offer: -$8,100
Fees: $650
Residual Value: $19,118
Term: 36 months
Miles: 12,000 miles/yr
Total Downpayment: $0
Est. Payments: $464

I tried to calculate the MF and got 0.00188867. Thanks in advance for the info :slight_smile:

That is the first decent Niro EV lease i have seen. Very surprised to see this outside CA but have to wonder if they actually included all fees in that payment. If I remember correctly TX charges tax on entire price upfront. Also, why would you wanna buy at the end of term? If that’s the case then buy it now instead of leasing…unless you don’t have enough tax liability.

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So um…let’s just put aside the horrendous MF that’s a staple of HK products for a second and ask ourselves a question…

Where’s the dealer discount? Surely they’re not asking sticker and only pushing incentives… Texas isn’t exactly a hotbed of EV’s and the market reflects this.

Pass on this or keep working it.


This is from the Kia online ‘Calculate Your Payment’ calculator. I did get an a quote in person of $489 but it included my trade in and I wouldn’t trade in my car on a lease. The capitalized taxes = $1894.84.

I want to buy at the end because that was the plan all along. Does this $8K discount make the total cost to lease then buy cheaper than just buying upfront?

I probably don’t have enough tax liability…but I forgot all about the tax credit.

What if I asked them to give me the kbb value of 36K before the 8K discount?

You bet they are! It’s still better that the $5k dealer markup i keep seeing in SoCal. Deals won’t get better on this unless they will stock them on dealer’s lots and that won’t happen any time soon. This is not a 1% car.

Don’t guess…you need to check this and if they give you any discount off msrp grater that $600 than it’s better to buy since that will be more that the $8100 they offer…but honestly, $1k would be too low.

That’s almost never the case.

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Why don’t you just buy it now though? Leasing to buy is nearly always inadvisable.

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Eh, not sure I’d buy it TBH unless HK has improved their EV products. It’s texas though so I’d be asking for invoice or better before incentives.

Sure they could hold out at sticker for a CA buyer to come in sign and have it shipped but you are there now so make them earn your business!

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