2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk - Offer Review

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Hoping to get your thoughts on a lease offer that I got on a 2019 Trailhawk. The below is the details for a monthly payment of $447, but I was able to get them down to 438. Any ideas how can I bring this down any further? I think its a good deal with a LH score of 9. Thoughts?

MSRP/Retail: $48,830
Selling Price: $42,820
Rebates: $5,500
Down Payment: $1,000
Government Fee: $650
Proc/Doc Fee: $150
Cap Cost Tax: $490.47
Adjusted Cap Cost: $38,058.11

Due at signing: $1,000.00
36m/12K - $447.64 / Month including tax

MF - 0.00043

Did you confirm base MF?

I’d also shop the deal to at least 3 or 4 other dealers to see if it can be beat.

Thanks. Yes I have confirmed the MF. I have reached out to several dealers, and waiting to see if they get back to me.

Do you think its worth waiting till November?

Truecar will get you 500 more or 15 a month.
Tell them your gonna to apply for that rebate as you’ll get 500 and it cost the dealer 300.
So it’s better for them to just give you the 500

Thats awesome, thanks!

Where can I find the info on the rebate, as they might act dumb?

Use create fake email don’t use your real email

Thanks so much, just finalized a deal.

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have you guys seen a dealer reject the TrueCar incentive? I have one ready to go but trying to figure out when to bring it to the table.

So in my deal, the dealer preferred to use it. I would wait till the moment that the dealer says they cant come down any more, and say that you have a $500 solution for them.

haha good plan! im there via email right now but debating whether or not i should try via email or do it in person once i say im coming in and they think we’re done with numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

Use it when your close. Work your dealer discount before rebates. Min 10% before rebates. Best of luck

I thought the Truecar rebate on Jeeps was only for buying and not leasing?

Are they accepting the $500 Truecar rebate for leases now?

Can confirm the dealer I spoke with said no. The fine print indicates it is for a purchase.

i have a TrueCar certificate that clearly states purchase and lease…i also have one that just says purchase. i got my deal down for an Alfa at an acceptable rate and then told them i’d take it on the spot if they applied my $500 code…they first said they’d try to apply, then came back and said its for purchase only. after showing that the fine print says purchase or lease, they said the deal is already too good and they can’t do anything else.

with that said, I thought this $$$ was from the manufacturer, not the dealer?

TrueCar charges dealers $300 for the referral

ah that makes sense. i guess i’m stuck then

To be clear, I have no idea how the truecar voucher works, but I do know truecar charges $300 for the referral when you use their site. I imagine that’s true of the voucher as well but I don’t know for sure. Their business model is to charge dealers for referrals and they’ve made tons of money and changed car buying for millions of buyers. Most dealers actually hate them

Effective payments $452…