2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited


I’m looking to lease a GC Limited and got the MF/RV from Edmunds but that’s for CCAP only. The dealer I’m working with quoted me at 435/mo all in just first month due at signing for a 39/10k lease. From researching it seems that Ally has $6250 in incentives and an interest rate of 8.05% - Assuming they’re using Ally it seems that this price is based on MSRP minus incentives, no further discount.

So my question is, should I still be aiming for a nice discount off MSRP when the dealer is using a different bank? General consensus seems to be that you aim for a good discount off MSRP before incentives, but I’ve never dealt with Jeep or leased a car where different banks/residuals/mfs existed.