2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited $393/month w $500 incentive. 30 months left

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Excellent condition jeep grand cherokee limited. Fully loaded.

18000 miles currently.
17000 miles left
Lease ends 5/15/2022

Monthly is 410 - $500 incentive = 347 month.
Lease with us bank corp.

So, it’s 12K miles for 32months (apporx 10miles/day) at $410/month.
I see 10K miles/year posts for similar payment. I think it’ll be (very) tough to transfer with such low mileage unless you offer incentives.

Or $1.09 per remaining mile…

How do you drive 18,000 miles on a lease in 4 months? (Unless it is a 42 month lease)

Thanks for the heads up. There are 17k miles left on lease.

That’s still only like 18 miles a day? I guess that might be okay for someone but I’d suggest Swap A Lease would be a better bet for this.

Your attempt at math upsets me. I’m actually fired up about it.

Please explain your equation. How can you list an effective payment $63 less than your payment with only a $500 incentive, considering the lease has 30 or so payments left?


You need to try swapalease or leasetrader. Your effective (based on 29 months left) is actually $393 a month but the mileage is a killer. 586 miles a month (17,000/29) is going to require a MUCH larger incentive.

I’m kinda baffled at that myself. 500 incentive over 30 months = 16.67. No matter how I equate that, I still can’t get 347/mo from 410 only playing with 17 bucks.

Where is that extra 46.33 coming from? Is this a new millenial math formula us that have been out of school for 20 years aren’t aware of?

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I’m 32 (not sure if that qualifies me as a millennial) and I still nailed it lol

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$46.33 per month additional credit for being FULLY loaded, even though it’s only a Limited.

Being stuck with an over mileage US Bank lease has got to be terrifying…

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Not terrifying if you can bust out some fuzzy math and get some sucker to eat your mistake

The only way it makes any sense (both the incentive and the remaining mileage) is if there’s a typo and the lease actually expires 5/15/2020. That would leave 8 months left, and then $410 - ($500/8) = $347.50.

Unfortunately we (I’ll be 32 in November) technically are, but I have a much narrower definition.

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