2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited $358/Monthly, TDAS: First Mo, Dmv, Taxes, Bank Fee. 23% OFF MSRP



Is that deal on the altitude bad or good?

And if I wanted to lease this month white limited with the lux package, what is the target deal with tier 1 credit


Dont know a think about the Socal Jeep market. You should probably post your ?s in Ask the Hackers and not this thread


How do I get there?


That’s not a great deal. You’ll be paying about $484 for a $41k MSRP. They probably added the 3 remaining payments of your current car into the deal. If good deal would be low $400s and excellent would be under $400 for a JGC Altitude.

Assuming it’s Chrysler Capital #s, Altitude don’t have good #s. The best #s is the Limited. Good luck!


Low 400’s is a good deal? whens a good month before June to try to get this in socal?


Is this still available?


Yes, Pm me your zip.


zip is 07041


Is the GC limited deal available?
I’m in NJ 07081 and have a 16 Highlander to trade in.
Looking for the best option as 36/12 or 39/12.
Any extra saving for Presidents Day?


3200 TDAS


This is without conquest. If have conquest you get additional $500 discount.


Thank you. I am a current Subaru lessee if that counts for conquest.


yes any brand.


Can you provide a breakdown of the DAS of $3200.



$500 off due at signing if qualify for conquest. so TDAS would be $2734


Is the breakdown above the same for 08753?

I qualify for conquest, what would payment be with only $2000 DAS?


Worksheet has break down without conquest. If you qualify you would receive an additional $500 discount.
$3243 - 500 = $2734


approx. $20 more a month.
Payments: $388
TDAS: 2k


Thanks for the info. Can you tell me what the $495 fees and insurance are in the DAS breakdown you have above?


$495 is for your new plates. (out of state)
Dealership is located in NY (NY residents 350 for new plates)