2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited $358/Monthly, TDAS: First Mo, Dmv, Taxes, Bank Fee. 23% OFF MSRP



Would you be able to tell me the price for a Laredo E with Laredo X Package?


In the AM I will run the numbers for you.


Ok thank you


Trying to lease a 2019 Jeep GC limited with the lux group 2 package. Offer I have a dealer here in MA is as follows;

$1,500 downpayment
15k miles over 39 months
$513 a month

$4,750 downpayment
15k over 39 months
$416 a month

I’m not sure this includes conquest or not…Thoughts?


Wondering what the best you can find for any version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee with a V8 at 12k/36mo. Location is NJ.



Any updates for Feb?


I have been working on a deal for an Upland and was getting mostly high quotes. #asexpected. I know that near me in NE Ohio that the RV is 49%, and the MF is .00003. the rebates are around 4200, although 1 dealer told me 4700. Some of that is conquest cash. My sales tax is 6.75.

The lowest I have gotten to is 412 a month with first payment only down. This is 36 months, and 12000 miles. I am waiting till the end of the month, and am tempted to go into March (my current lease is up at the end of April)

The MSRP on the Upland is 40935, so I think the deal is pretty good. Worried about the RV going down next month, so I may pull the trigger.


The guy said his manager no longer wanted to do this deal with me. lol


I got an Upland in July (in Maryland, registered in NJ), $40k MSRP, 36/12. Paying $320/month and $320 DAS.

I’d suggest waiting. Even if the RV drops, incentives may go up. I got $6500 in rebates.


For a JGC Limited that is a great deal.

Anyone have any deals on the West Coast, CA? Looking for a 2019 JGC HA 4x4


Hi there, can you please send me info NJ 10k/year 36 - 39 months with navigation?

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What is your zip?


I’m sorry we do not do CAL deals.


Got a quote right now over here in SoCal for an altitude with Sunroof MSRRP of 41,250

Quote is
1500 down, they will pay off the remaining three payments for my current charger lease (1100)
Puts me at a pmt of 454+ tax about 30 bucks.

Thoughts?? Too high? Or good for the altitude?


Also this is a 36 month 10k miles a year


Limited lease much better than altitudes.

I’ve had a number of customers go Limited to save $40-50/month and then have the dealer powder coat the wheels for $10/month


Was that a v8?


No, the Upland doesn’t come in V8


Ah. Thread discontinuity got me. Someone mentioned V8 and it stuck in my head. Ha.


should be able to do that with out the down