2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited $358/Monthly, TDAS: First Mo, Dmv, Taxes, Bank Fee. 23% OFF MSRP



Just received (via email) the following offer on a 2019 GC Altitude - 12/36 with 1st month DAS of $359.99 (incl. CT taxes) on an MSRP of $43,525 - sorry, do not have the complete breakdown, just looking for initial thoughts?



Post the exact text or post a screenshot. I’m sure there’s a lot DAS



$359 all in for an Altitude… sounds like a fantastic deal tbh

I have an Upland. $40k MSRP. $320/month and $320 DAS.

I did look at Altitudes also, but best deal I saw (granted it was Honcker) was $380 all in for $42k MSRP.

You can try to counter with $349 all in just for fun, but $359 is great.


That’s what I’m saying - may jump on it.


I’ll likely counter - just because.


If he’s saying it’s even cheaper for 39 months, maybe go for that

When you get the car, make sure to post to trophy garage!



The 2nd email that came over had a price of $459. I told him I’d take the car right now at the price of the 1st email. Fat finger issue - pffft.


I just PM’d you for dealer information for that deal. Please disregard lol


Ohhh boy… classic! I knew $359 all in was too good to be true.

Sorry about that, though. Must be mighty frustrating!

I wonder if you could potentially use the screenshot to get other dealers even near that though…


Ha! Go for it


he wrote a really long email just to switch on you like that


Hey I’m potentially interested in this deal. So for the 358 monthly how much would be the total for the drive off amount paid (first month, taxes, fees, etc). Also are there any college grad bonuses ?


What county would you be registering in?


how much 36/12 in CT


Kings county


Kings county:

Roughly 3500

358 first month
350 plates
2000 taxes
895 bank fee


Is it through Chrysler or a different bank


Groove car, or we can do bethpage for maybe $5 more a month


Chrysler has less rebates