2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited $358/Monthly, TDAS: First Mo, Dmv, Taxes, Bank Fee. 23% OFF MSRP



Nice man… Good stuff.

Where would we be at for a car equipped like this. I am trying to convince the wife on one… She is not a fan but price matters so I might swing her. Seems like a ton of discounts.


36 month or 39 month whichever is better


Update: Only 15 left. Inventory going fast.


Good deal man!




Hey I live in PA, willing to come there for a good deal, looking for a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee with Lux II package 36/12. Currently in a Grand Cherokee lease with 3 payments left (2015 with Lux II package 29900 miles on it) Anything you can do for me? Thanks!


PM sent, will fill out a credit app if need be


Hey- what would this be taxes rolled in, 0 down? Is it the same packages as the sticker you showed previously?


Yes same window sticker.



Based on NY taxes rolled in you would be at $457 sign and drive


Good morning. Are there any deals on Summit V8?
39/10 NYC taxes.


59,735 MSRP…It’s going to run you roughly $200 more monthly than the advertised one I have here.


Thank you 202020


What would overland v8 be


what is included in the 2bh package? Or is everything listed on the sticker already?

also, how much for the 7500 mile a year lease and what are the over mileage charges per mile?

Wife wants a GC Limited and only drives about 7-8k per year


Yes, it’s everything listed on the window sticker.

$409/Month with only first and plates DAS.
Taxes and bank rolled in! If you would like to put taxes and bank fee upfront also your payments would drop $77 - you would be at $332

.25 for excess mileage


Is the payment same for PA resident? Is trade-in taken?


No I"m sorry, its only for NY and NJ residents.


the $409/332 would be the 7500 mile per year lease?


Yes correct.


Wish Wrangler lease deals got better too. Many dealers have them collecting dust on lots.