2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited $358/Monthly, TDAS: First Mo, Dmv, Taxes, Bank Fee. 23% OFF MSRP



What can you do on a approximately 51k Grand Cherokee Overland with 12k/miles a year with everything rolled into payment besides the DMV fees.


Also looking for a wrangler jl Sahara or rubicon. Would also consider grand Cherokee Trailhawk. PM me as well please if anything pops up


Hi everyone, I would be sending all requested pricing in the next 30 mins.
Thanks for your patience


I got my car last week and the whole deal was great and I’m thrilled with the price. Highly recommend!!


Thank you Stuart and Enjoy !!!


We currently have only beige interior 42k Grand Cherokees in stock.


Any chance you can do a lease on 2019 Dodge Durango GT with performance hood.



Is this deal still valid? Need to register in NJ and deliver in Ny


Yes still available but pricing changes due to less rebates with Chrysler Capital, NJ resident not eligible for BethPage bank.


Yes we do but It’s Expensive


Can we do this in zip 30075?


We have 43,700 Msrp with black interiors - these comes with sunroof


Thank you. Can you send me a link to the vehicles?


Could you send me a link to these as well?


For 12k miles $15/Mo more
For 15k miles $45/mo more


New programs would be updated shortly


Can you reply to my questions?

Can you do this in zip 30075? Can you send me a link to the vehicles? We need to pull the trigger no later than Saturday, Jan 5

We would like to do a 4X4 Limited with the Xenon headlights.

Exactly like this:


I will let you know in the morning if we can do Georgia.

Would you be coming to NY to pick up car if can be done?


We will ship it if the quotes aren’t outrageous. I’ve been raked through the coals by local dealers


Hello! Interested, in NJ. Can you send me availibility?