2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited $358/Monthly, TDAS: First Mo, Dmv, Taxes, Bank Fee. 23% OFF MSRP



Is this deal available in MA? If not, I can come to NY or NJ to pick up the car. Please advise. Thanks.


Yes if you don’t mind waiting 2 to 3 weeks for your plates, you also can not get the car until the plates come in.


I got about 16mpg in my Trailhawk. That was mixed City and highway miles and I don’t have a very heavy foot. I don’t know how these companies get away with listing gas milesage on window stickers the way they do…


I’m interested in the Limited with sunroof. Should I PM you?


Yes you can PM me.


What happens if you got 36/10 vs 39/10?


Big difference, $35, not worth it.


How much would it be all rolled in monthly with a sunroof with today’s one day sale?


$414/Monthly for sign and drive. Sunroof included in this limited package for $414.


We have plenty of colors and options available.


BIG SPECIAL from today until tomorrow night. (Dec 23rd until 25th)
$400 off your due at signing.
379/Mo with $599 due at signing.
send app by tonight (8pm) and i’ll take of another $100 due at signing

Requirements: Submit an app BEFORE christmas day.


Any deals on JL wranglers- sahara or rubicon? thanks- Dm me


Everything rolled into payment on an altitude in NJ?


what about 2019 limited 5.7L Hemi with sunroof 39/12k


This is a great deal!


hi what county are you registering today?


hi what county are you registering the car at?


Monmouth county


Queens county nyc


Hi Simpleauto1,
I am based on NJ & looking to lease 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. & would like to apply for this deal. Can you DM me your details & the process to apply. Hope the numbers still stay good.