2019 Jeep Cherokee

Hey hackrs…

Looking for feedback on this deal

2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited 12k/39m
MSRP $38,595
Sale Price $36,400
RV 63%
Acquisition Fee $0
Incentives $500

Monthly payments $372
Leasehackr Score 9.1 Years

  • So questions… no negotiations yet these are the initial numbers. Would like to get this lower closer to $340/month but being 2019 not sure how much I can get the price lower.
  • Its thru Ally Bank, should I be concerned?
  • I have 3 payment left of my Hyundai… they could just lump these remaining payment into new lease. Probably not smart but it seems like this quote is so low
    Its a 39-month lease, which means the car will be out of warranty for 3 months.

Thoughts? Good deal or could be better?

No rebates on the car? Used to bigger discount on jeep.

They just refreshed it so incentives and discounts are probably on the low end for a new model.

Yeah I do think usually they do have bigger discounts… but the RV is pretty high. I think they said the same RV for Chrysler is 54%. Its a brand new model that has only been out for a month or so. I can follow up on the rebates.

@NY13, It seemed like you thought this deal wasn’t good. I’m struggling on what to do to improve it. It’s a new model year car, they are doing 6% off should I shoot for 10%? Or because it’s using Ally no lease cash is available the issue?

Only you can assess if it is a good deal or not. If you are happy with it then go for it. It is 1% so it is not a terrible payment. Are there no drive offs? In 2016 i got a 45k msrp grand cherokee all in for 399 a month for 36 months/10k. Just first month and DMV as drive offs. Again, just giving you a comparison on what type of deals could be had out there. Dealer discount on jeeps i have seen at 9% but rebates help a lot. If you have none it would be tough to get to your number.

What dealer is this with? I’m getting quotes of $400/mo for the 2018 model, I would much rather have the 2019.

So it was a dealer in Iowa. But basically Ally screwed up the RV and had it much higher. They adjusted it and now the payment is ~$450. I didn’t have a chance to jump on the deal. Still kicking myself…

What were the correct rates? There is $4500 of IDL cash on the 2019 Cherokee.

I believe 56% for 39 month. I noticed that 4500 as well but both dealers I was talking to didn’t say that applied. I think it was only $500 which is the same as the Jeep Price and Build tool.

Edmunds says 58% for 36 month/12k mi

Edmunds quotes Chrysler financial. @pollie is quoting Ally.

Man IDL cash applies if you use third party bank. Why would dealers play with that. They get it back.

So using Ally I should qualify for the $4500?

Yes. I have leased with third party twice for jeep, and got the idl both times. Unless they using that as discount and giving you no discount.

So here’s the deal I found:

2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4 12k/39m
MSRP $37,900-- tech package and sunroof
Sale Price $35,000 (8% off)
MF .00190- seems high and it’s not working with the calculator to get the number they got, they must be putting some crazy incentives in there
RV 60%
Sales tax: 6% and I’m in MD so it’s on the price of the car
$0 down and $380/month

I leased my first Jeep through this dealer in 2015 and they were so easy to work with and also had the best price on the East Coast. Unfortunately they won’t share the lease worksheet as too many people come to them to get their price and try to use a local dealer instead. They’re also covering my last payment on my current lease.


I get pretty close to your numbers (not including doc fee, DMV, or your last payment) if I use that sale price and add in the 4500 in FCA IDL Cash.

My guess is this is not a lease through Chrysler Capital, but through another bank. The MF does seem high, but then again, so does the residual so that offsets a bit.

All that said, I feel like you should be able to do better.

That must be it. I thought they were using Chrysler Cap, but it may be through another bank. I’m thinking I may be able to get the sale price down to $34000, bringing the monthly cost to $350. I’d be happy with that, I’m currently paying $341 on my 2015 Jeep Cherokee, that has an MSRP that is $10k lower and none of the amenities.

Chrysler Cap rates for 39/12 are an MF of .00011 and Residual of 54%. My guess is you’re seeing US Bank or Ally with the lease cash.

I haven’t had much luck getting dealers around me getting a quote under $400 dollars.