2019 Jeep Cherokee Overland Lease

Hi All,

Thanks in advance for the help. My wife and I are looking at a lease on a 2019 Cherokee Overland 4x4 in central Ohio. I’ve read every thread I can find through a search - and I see some similar setups but not quite the same as what I’m looking at.

•2019 Overland 4x4 with Technology + Sunroof + the 2.0T engine upgrade
•36 months, 15k (or 18k…)

•MSRP is $42,010
•I have 1% below invoice pricing through my company (affiliate) = …? (cannot find invoice pricing)

Looking at a 36 month term and 15k miles (I would consider 18k to be safe on mileage depending on what those numbers look like from the dealer - but I know we’ll need to just consider 15k miles for discussion since that’s all we will find numbers for).

Dealer came back with absurd numbers yesterday for 36/18k ($519.63/month after $1,900 in trade equity - that seems like an absolutely horrendous package to me, maybe it’s the 18k).

I’ve asked dealer to provide RV and MF for 36/15k and 36/18k for all banks and credit unions they work with - hoping to hear back this afternoon around 1 or 2 PM Eastern. I will be sure to share what they come back with.

I’m curious about incentives right now, too. Does everything at this link look correct?

If so, I’m thinking that $4,500 IDL + $1,750 lease cash + 1% under invoice pricing could lead to a nice deal.

I’m wondering if anyone has recent experience with a lease deal like this, and if so, if you’d be willing to share - or at a minimum, give me some coaching on what seems reasonable and what is not. This will be the first lease for my wife and myself so we are eager for helpful information and feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Did you ever pull the trigger on this? I am looking at Overlands now, and trying to get an idea of what to expect. I have access to Affiliate as well, but dont know all exact what incentives I’ll be able to get. The website gives me 3750, i should be able to get +500 from conquest in my area, not sure if there are more.