2019 Jeep Cherokee (1st lease, no clue) and I hate it...kinda

Signed Saturday 2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited (no Uconnect 4C w/Nav :roll_eyes:)
traded in a 2011 Jeep Liberty with 66.5K which I still owed $6215.00 on (long story) they gave us 5K for the trade and we financed through Ally (“good” credit 675, again long story)
total price with remainder of trade figured in $40631.73
Incentives $4750.00
$0 money down
Residual Value $18928.00
10,000 miles
42 months
Monthly payment is $449.00 (we added the additional tire protection and service plan upon my husband insistence)
Is the a terrible deal, I feel like it is…Also I may feel this way because I feel like I am driving a station wagon :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: No comparison to my Liberty in any way, admittedly I was swayed by all the fancy tech and heated leather seats (my Liberty Sport had nothing fancy). So I thought I could get used to being lower to the ground but I can not. Super sluggish acceleration kind sucks as well…
At less than a weeks time is there anyway I can swap this for a Compass Trailhawk? or am I stuck with it for the 4 years?

You can swap it out, but be prepared to pay/lose thousands to get out.

Since I am super new to leasing vehicles, Ive got no clue…can you explain how swapping it would work and why id lose or pay thousands please?

No need for all of this. Blame your husband for the poor choice, then stick him with the car as his daily driver and you go shopping for a Trailhawk…

ps Trailhawk does not lease well either. So how about a BMW X3 instead?

pps And if your husband complains about the Cherokee, tell him that at least it’s not an Ioniq …

You can talk to the dealer to see if they can help but you’d be at their mercy and not like the outcome. Or you can try lease swap and offer a large incentive it hopes somebody wants to take over your lease.

For the situation you were in (upside down on the trade-in, not highest credit tier, 42 months) I believe that you didn’t do -terribly- on the lease. I don’t know why you feel like the Cherokee is lower than the Liberty, as the Cherokee sits higher than the Liberty in any trim based on ground clearance; maybe you need to try adjusting the seating position further?

In any case, if you decide you really hate the car and want something different, you now have a used car that you will trade in that you owe more than it’s worth so you’d be rolling more negative equity into another lease. You might find somebody else to take over the lease, but with the payments and length of the lease it would be hard to find somebody without giving some sort of monetary incentive.

A GC is lower to the ground than a Liberty? And slower?

TIL something can be lamer than an old Liberty

Not a GC just a Cherokee and my Liberty wasn’t exactly slow. Neither is the Cherokee once it gets going, its the initial acceleration from a dead stop that concerns me as I feel a lot of hesitation I never have with my Liberty. As far as being lame I suppose that is just a matter of opinion. I live in the Northeast and have never, ever been stuck in anything in my Liberty, nor did it ever fail to start right up no matter the temp. The vehicle was a beast and easily did 85 mph daily on my commute into work.

I know it sits higher, I’ve looked into it. I think its because of the over all height of the vehicle, it makes it seem like I am not as high up. Its an adjustment it looks like Ill have to make. If I move the seat up higher I feel like my head is way to close to the roof of the vehicle. Pawning it off on my husband may be my only choice, sadly…Thanks for the response!

Putting on a mild lift kit will be a lot cheaper than the bath you’ll take trying to get out

You can get a GC for that payment. The new Cherokee is soft feminine SUV cater to women. It’s sad they did that to such an iconic SUV. People who likes real SUV won’t like it.

Wow, sexism much?


Sorry to describe soft and feminine is for women.

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You know it’s 2019 right?

2019? I thought it was 5780.


ah of course, התנצלותי.