2019 Jaguar E Pace, South Florida - lease help

Thoughts on this? 7500 miles

First time posting, long time lurker. Always appreciate everyone’s help.

I’m a ‘finance guy’ and this seems not so hot. Car is barely discounted, right?

They came down. Payment is now $500 all in

Any thoughts?

What is Audi Care doing on the Jag worksheet?

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It’s a large dealership that also does Audi - guessing that’s why?

The MF is marked up from .00098, so it negates the discount to a degree. I would push for the base rate or more discount if they won’t budge.

By chance, are you dealing with The Collection? Very nice dealership and showroom, but “discount” and “good deal” aren’t in their vocabulary. Suggesting an alternative without them compensating by jacking up the MF or drive-offs will not work. They think they’re selling automotive gold and people willing to pay MSRP+ will walk into the dealership and buy their vehicles. Granted, it does not help that the brands they sell generally don’t lease well, but even worse so with them I feel from experience. I hope your experience is different.

@jknic002 Nailed it.

I am OPEN to any crossover SUV right now - any suggestions of models/ dealers in the area? Brand new to Miami…

I would expand your search outside of the S.FL area if you can or maybe hire a broker. I am going through this right now as well and am learning a very expensive lesson. Miami has a lot of perks depending on what you’re looking for, but our car dealerships are not one of them unfortunately. Those nice showrooms and slick salesman decked out in tailored suits and Ferragamo come at a price LOL…every one with too much money who pays MSRP+ for their car or is willing to take whatever “deal” they are given. Negotiation in general is not in many people’s vocabulary here outside of this forum.

I know people here say that the Infinti QX60 leases well, if that peaks your interest. As far as other Jaguar dealers know, I’m not sure. Don’t think South Dade will give you a better deal. Maybe someone else here can speak on their experience with Warren Henry Jag or Ft Lauderdale?

@jknic002 Thanks again - any broker suggestions? Never gone that route!

@matthockey21 did you ever find a broker to use in FL or a deal on an E Pace? Thanks.