2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD - $47045 MSRP $315/mth with VPP 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1400 MSD. VPP required. - NJ/CT




The $1500 in untaxed incentive is for VPP. If you don’t have it remove that from the calculator link.
The 1K extra for NY metro area is included in the sales price so if you are out of area, your sales price goes up by 1K.

Infiniti deals with incentives in a bit of different way so everything published on edmunds, autobytel or costco car buying programs under incentives is not all the available incentives. There are other hidden dealer only incentives which are unpublished on above sites but need to be applied to get the hackrworthy deals you would usually see on this forum.

The best incentives from what I have see are usually in Southern/Northern CA and NY area so if you can come close to it anywhere else in the country you are doing pretty good in most situations.


HN308, am in Socal, looking to lease QX60. Any good lease deals you can suggest ? I would really appreciate it.


Thanks. I think the way Delaware figures the taxes is going to be the problem on any deal I’m looking at, though.


A Big shout out to @HN308, for helping me sign a new lease on the Lux QX60. Both @HN308 & the dealer ware extremely helpful and worked with me through emails until we came to an agreement. Dealer was even open to a change of heart after I showed up at the dealership to sign, but I stuck to my initial pick :slight_smile:

QX60 Lux AWD with essential package:
MSRP: 51,495
Selling price $44,453
Capitalized Cost: $46,190
RV: 57%
MSD (3): 1500
MF: .00005
Months: 39
Miles: 10K
Monthly: 435.53
3 Year Scheduled Maintenance Included.

First month + MSD due at signing.


I am in North Jersey, Interested in this deal. Please PM me details.


@HN308 this deal replicatable? @pras_24 did you have vpp?


Yes, I have VPP


Thanks for the info


I’m completly new to this site, but I really need some advice from someone who knows their shit. I have a 2015 Civic Si Coupe w/24Kmiles on it. I leased it at 3years, 36K, $271/month $0DAS. I have two payments left and some equity in the car. I really DO NOT want to put money down on a new lease. With that being said, what is the best car I can get for $300/month, 36K, $0DAS, without using the equity in my car. I’d rather sell it to Carmax and I can make $2000, rather than using it as a “trade” where I find myself in essence putting money down on a lease. Thought of selling the car this weekend and just waiting until 2019 Civics arrive (the salespeople all tell me that I won’t get a good deal, when I know that that is not the case and that they just want to sell me a car NOW). https://goo.gl/QpN8kL is what drew me to this website. Any advice, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I was at Honda on Saturday and they had told me that they could get me into the Civic Hatch Sport Touring at the same price i’m paying now. They lied to me. They wanted $2000 Down, and $375/month, AND the equity on my Civic Si. I almost blew a gasket. I would be willing to give them my Si and $271/month. So as you can see, we were very far apart.


I am in the bronx I am looking for an infinity qx60’pure. Looking to likely get it this week. What’s the best price with lowest money down. Thank you!!!


@pras_24 and @HN308 - Which dealer in NJ? I’m looking for a QX60 Luxe AWD with Essential this week. No VPP though.


check with Carvana/Carmax or similar to see if you can cash out the equity.



Enjoy your new ride. You got 14% off MSRP on a Luxe with essential package before applying VPP.

For the benefit of new users who read this post and think why it is so high compared to the Original post, Below is a brief description and how in a different way you can structure the deal.

This is a SUV which is 4K more in MSRP compared to the Pure listed in my post and the residual this month is 3 points less on Luxe compared to Pure at 60%, also the taxes, Bank fees & DMV were rolled in into the cap cost so the monthly got higher.

Bottom line is that when comparing deals only compare the percentage off MSRP and don’t let the dealer get you back on fees and add-on protection plans. Rest of it is just arranging the numbers in a way that suits you. If you are buying down MF all the way to almost zero its not entirely a terrible idea to roll the tax, bank fees etc into cap cost and pay it over 3 years with almost no interest rather than all upfront.



Looking for QX60 LUXE AWD with Essential and Pro assist packages.

NJ, have VPP.


No he didn’t because that 14% before VPP puts the payment at $421 with just MSD due at signing, vs $435 with first month and MSD due :slight_smile:


Well the LH calculator says its 14% off. If you want to be really precise its 13.675% which is rounded to 14%


Here is that sale price with just MSD due at signing with VPP. The cost of the car at 14% off before VPP is $421 with just MSD due at signing, not $435 with first month and MSD due at signing, so something’s off.



You are right suggesting his monthly payment is different compared to calculator value but I believe he purchased 3 year maintenance package as indicated in the deal breakdown which got rolled into cap cost apart from tax, bank fee and Dmv.

That is why I only suggest comparing Sales price (Cap cost) to MSRP on a percentage basis. The monthly varies based on DMV fees, tax rates and any additional protection plans purchased.

In this case he got 13.675% off MSRP which rounded up is 14% off as it shows in LH calculator.

Let’s end this discussion here, it’s not adding value to this thread.


PM me please - interested in QX60 or Q50. In NY.


This is far from the truth for infiniti deals. The way to compare any infiniti deal is amount under invoice, as Infiniti bakes rebates into the sales price. This allows you to compare deals between different msrps (with different incentives), without hiding from customers that they got a worse/better deal.

For example, the deal posted in this thread is about 2,100 under invoice. Whereas, this one is about 2,500 under invoice and this one is about 3,000 under invoice . This ‘amount under’ allows you to look at deals between different trims uniformly.

Just FYI, to make you seem more knowledgeable.