2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure AWD - $47045 MSRP $315/mth with VPP 39/10K. Bank fee, 1st mth,Tax and DMV DAS. No Dealer Doc or Broker Fees. $1400 MSD. VPP required. - NJ/CT



This is what I tried to tell him since day one - the fees are still included, but he thinks he doesn’t “pay” them. Whatever makes him feel better, I guess.



I agree with your assessment and we are saying the same thing that by paying $4/mth more is almost similar ($15 over 39 months different) to what it is like paying the doc fees other dealers charge. I wanted to bring to the attention of forum members who would compare my 285/mth deal to 281/mth plus doc fees.

To give a bit of background why I said it earlier for benefit of readers who don’t know the back story.

There was a deal posted by broker for a similar vehicle at 281/mth with 141 Doc fees plus broker fees and my dealer would only offer it for 285/mth without any doc fees. To match the 281/mth deal he suggested he could charge $141 doc fees but I suggested we give 285/mth and not charge doc fee as it’s effectively almost the same thing (15 bucks more over 39 months) Whether you pay doc fees now or pay 4 bucks more per month over 39 months.

Below is what I had posted at the top of this post for anyone reading this 1st time to have some context.
Update 09/08 - The numbers got a bit better as the dealer increased the discount and now the selling price is 15% off MSRP. If you pay doc fees of $141 like other posts on the forum the Monthly goes down to $281/mth but I am against paying any doc fees so my deals are always without it and it will be $285/mth. It turns out to be exactly same total costs if you pay doc fees upfront and reduce the monthly by $4/mth or pay $4/mth more and avoid paying doc fees.


Yeah but now you are 900 dollars above for a 141 doc fee. your argument is invalid.


We are talking about a point in time which was in September and not now. That is what the matter being discussed is. I know you like to come to my thread to drum up your business but you should focus on your thread and keep getting better deals for members.


I am, as I have the best deal right now. Shouldn’t you be focusing on the same? You don’t get anything from the dealer, so all you should care about is the customer getting the best deal… right?


Any deals for November. Looking to lease a base lux asap for NYC.


I am planning to lease qx60 luxe model so can u give me the dealer details and I am from NJ


Hi! Can you pm me the dealer Info i live in LI and interested in leasing a QX60


are there any dealers in the Chicago area where I could score a similar deal?


Hi! I’m also interested in leasing a QX60. Please PM me the dealer info. Thanks!

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Do you have QX50 luxe or Essential for NY, no VPP
deals? Pls PM directly to me. Thanks


Like seriously?


any updates on Nov numbers yet, or is it still too early?



Hi Simpleauto1. I am in Massachusetts. Any chance we can work on a deal on Infinity? Currently have Q50 with NAV and all weather package that is due in March. PM me and Thanks in advance !


FYI. Have VPP as well.


12 K per year


Weren’t you told about etiquette with this previously?


Naa. He doesnt get it.


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