2019 Infiniti QX60 Luxe - Do you think i can squeeze the dealer for more?



Please comment if you think i can squeeze more out of this deal. I’m in Texas and its been viewed as generally hard to get a great deal due to tax. Please comment as this is my first time doing a lease.

2019 QX60 Luxe with essential and Pro assist package
MSRP $52.145
Sales price $45,323.25 (no VPP or incentives)
MF .00016 (no MSD)
Due on Delivery $1,200
Acq fee: $700
Doc. and lic. fee $355
Residual 54% @12k/39month

They will cover my tax and and told me my month payment will be around $480. When i plug in the numbers on the calculator i get $470 monthly. So where there is a hidden fee they are not telling me. They tried to get me to agree to the current numbers but i counted with $42,500 as the sales price to lower my payment to $400/month.

Do you think i’m asking for too much here in Texas or perhaps i can dive even deeper and ask for more?


Agreed should have asked for more!


Did you lease it?


I did lease it but with a different dealer. I was working with multiply dealers and the one i finally done the deal with did give me a price i don’t think i can refuse due to lack of incentives at the moment. I told the final dealer that i have a very aggressive deal from another infinite dealer with tax credit. Pick the same trim as i can compare apples to apples. They come back with the following:

MSRP 52,145
Sales price 43,796 with vpp
terms: 39/12k
mf 0.00016
due on delivery 777.01 (first payment and fees)
Acq fee $700
Doc. and lic $353
residual $28,414.80
monthly payment 424.01

I still think there are more room but need the car as my current corporate lease is due back.