2019 Infiniti QX60 AWD Luxe EOM Offer?

MSRP: $52,830
Sale Price: $45,500 (he said “just over” $45K)
Residual: 55%
MF: .00016
DAS: $2,550 (1st payment, taxes & fees)
Monthly: $439
Term: 39 months

I have been dealing with this Chicago guy recently for the past couple of months. In prior years (shopping for my current & past vehicles), he couldn’t even come close to an aggressive offer. He claims this is his absolute best offer and he wants it finalized by the EOM (so Thursday).

The deal seems OK but it is far better than most of the other numbers I’ve been seeing in the midwest? I’m also not sure that I’m in love with the vehicle, but I could live with it. The other issue is my current lease is expiring in June (3 payments remaining, technically 1 if I stay with Infiniti/Nissan). Next month may be the tell all with it being Infiniti’s fiscal year end…I’m afraid if I pass this offer up, I may not find something next month. Thoughts?

Leasehackr Calculator:

""Pre-tax Monthly Payment: $412
Monthly Payment with Tax: $434
Drive-Off: $2,554

  • First month payment: $434
  • Down payment: $1,550
  • Government and dealer fees: $480
  • Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $90
    Refundable MSD Payment: $0
    Leasehackr Score: 9.5 years
    Disposition Fee: $395
    Total Lease Cost: $19,051""

I can’t speak for the midwest, but I have seen better deals posted here, albeit mostly on the coasts. and mostly in dec/jan.

I’m about to sign on a QX60 luxe with essential, 39/10, $2,249 total drive off and $399/month (tax included). I don’t have the break down in front of me.
It’s not as low as what I’ve seen in dec/Jan, but it’s one of the better quotes I’ve gotten.

I’m a bit tempted to extend my lease and see what march holds, but part of me just wants to get the new car and move on with my life. lol

Also, have you tried contacting Infiniti directly to get a VPP code? there’s number someone posted on another forum. I got mine in about 24 hours.

Yeah, I’ve seen dozens of crazy QX60 deals on here. Unfortunately, here in the midwest, many of the deals on here are unattainable. I can only dream of getting close to most of these numbers.

I still haven’t decided if I should pass on this deal or not.lol. My vehicle choices are so across the board. It is literally from a 2 seater sports coupe, to an SUV, to a truck. I had originally planned on getting a Tundra Limited, 1794, or Platinum…but those leases seem to have gone down the drain.

isn’t that more than we discussed this weekend? I don’t remember.

Either way, his deal looks better than my offer!

If the price is that much better on the coast why not find a dealer who can also just ship it.
I’ve seen quotes range for $700-$1000 to ship.
But if the lease cost is much less there than why not give it a shot?

That has been in my thoughts as well. I’m not afraid to shop nationally, if the numbers make sense.

From my understanding - many of the good deals are only applicable by region? I.e. I would have to use the Midwest incentives even if I lease from out of state?

I don’t remember for sure. The monthly payment you quoted was above $400, I think $406, but I don’t remember the full drive off amount. I think overall this was lower. I didn’t write the numbers down because I had just woken up! Lol

Yes but with much lower driveoffs…

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