2019 Infiniti QX50 Essential $400

Wanted to take a minute and share the deal I just signed on 2019 QX50. $0 out of pocket, everything was rolled in the monthly payment. Did the entire deal over the internet from overseas with help of FedEx :). Picking up the car first week of December. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.


**MSRP: $47,930
**Selling Price: $40,798
**Monthly Payment: $400.98 (including 7.75% tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $0.00
**MSD: $0.00
**Incentives: VPP

**Months: 39
**Annual Mileage: 10,000
**Residual: $26,361

**Region: SoCal
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Does the sell price include the VPP?

I believe so. The lease breakdown only had $1047 listed under incentives and rebates. Pretty sure the VPP is around $1500.

Something doesn’t add up. I’m calculating higher monthly payments with these numbers. Did you have any other incentives? Loyalty? Do you know the lease incentives for QX50?

Can you PM me the dealer info, including the rep who helped you?

I’ll upload the lease so you can take a look.

Thanks for the PM… so your total out of pocket was your first monthly payment?

First payment was covered, out of pocket was $0. My first “actual” payment is due next month.

Based on these numbers, there is around $1300 (in your favor) discrepancies in the rebate amount and i can’t figure out where it’s coming from.

MSRP ($47,930)- Sell Price ($40,098) = Discount ($7,832)
I also see a rebate amount of $1,042——- Total discount of $8,874 thus far…

I could very well be wrong, but for your monthly to be at $400 with $0 out, there should be another $1300 rebate somewhere in this contract. Maybe the other members can help me out…

Plus 33xx in fees and taxes is $42.4k. Residual is $26.4k, leaving $16k just in depreciation, yet payments total $15k. Hmmmm…

OP most likely had a conquest rebate. Which is worth $1,000. That might explain the discrepancy. Either way, if someone wants a deal like this (VPP+Conquest), perhaps a bit better… PM me and I’d be glad to be of assistance.

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Interested in QX50 AWD Essential w/Premium Sound with similar numbers. Kindly PM.

I am looking to get a good lease on 2019 Infiniti QX50 essential with pro assist, premium heat and premium sound package. Live in NJ

I d like this deal in so cal.

Looking for a similar deal here in San Diego, CA.

Hi, I’m looking for a similar deal. Can you tell me which dealer you went with?
Thank you.