2019 Hyundai Tuscon SEL - 27k MSRP - $339 10k yr / $1k drive off


I did not take this offer. The dealer was insisting that the MF of 0.00232 was non-negotiable. Is this true with Hyundai? I have a credit rating of 740 - I really thought i could have done better than that 5.5% APR.

Foolishly I didnt ask for an itemized worksheet - learned my lesson on that now.

I am in California.

Regardless, even with the MF of 0.00232 I still couldn’t figure out how they were getting to the monthly payment. The 'Due at Signing` was $1k - which included 200 downpayment, first months payment, and the rest fees.

With the sale price of 22871 and MF of 0.00232 at what they were, this is what I was expecting the calculation to be. Would anyone have some insight/advice on what is going on?


Any similar alternatives to the Tuscon that lease better?

If that was buy rate MF, he was correct, it is non-negotiable. Google “2019 Hyundai Tucson” MF and ask in the specific Edmunds forum what buy rate MF is for your lease terms and location.

Kia and Hyundai are notorious for having high interest rates.

That’s the correct buy rate MF for this car/trim. There should be 2600 lease cash and 500 event cash, so you really need a better sale price.