2019 Hyundai Kona Limited

Can’t figure out how to post a new topic but was trying to see what you guys though of this 2019 kona limited deal i’m trying to work out.

$330 a month with only first months payment due at signing. Leashackr score is 6.6

The MF is the equivalent of 5.4% interest. Did you check on Edmunds to see if that’s the lowest MF allowed?

No I haven’t. I thought the MF was set by the dealer and is for everyone Hyundai Dealer.

MF is set by the captive bank which can be inflated by the dealer for additional profit. You may be confusing with Residual Value. Although RV is also set by the captive bank, this cannot be adjusted by the dealer.

You should read up more on leasing before moving forward to understand where the gotchas can lie or consider hiring a broker.

Kona does not lease well. Finance a Kona, lease a Santa Fe. This deal sucks.