2019 Hyundai Ioniq PHEV Limited - $278 plus 2480 DAS

Was shopping around past weekend for Ioniq PHEV limited. This is the deal I got from the dealer

2019- Hyundai Ioniq Limited (w/o ultimate package)
MSRP- ~ $30K
MF .001847
Residual - 49%
Lease term - 3 yr/30000 miles
DAS- 2480 including first month payment
Monthly $278
State: MD
Incentive: ~ $8200
Lease Hacker Score : 10.2 (Not sure if I did it correctly but you can check it)

I didn’t opt for it as it was too high

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There is a ton of deals in NY for $179 with $1000 or less down on 2019s. Check out Lia Hyundai in Albany. Someone on the forum recently got a deal for $128/month 10k miles with $128 down.

Thanks @aligned_Ant. I will give a try

What are MD rebates? In NY you can get $1100 state incentive. This month is worse since $1000 was removed from manufacturer’s incentives. Therefore, if you’re out of state it’s not going to look pretty.

@XxHaimBondxX Not sure about the exact figure but this is what I see - $100 excise tax credit per kilowatt hour of battery capacity upto max of $3k. I assume this would mean we can expect little or close to $3k from MD.

Also they have your PHEV outlet credit to max of $600 if you want to install charge equipment connector in your garage.

MD only has $8,043 is manufacturer incentives. Not much better than combining current Hyundai purchase incentive of $3,250 and federal rebate of $4,500. The purchase rebate also comes with APR of 1.9%, which is drastically better than the 3.5% Hyundai currently has on the lease.

I had looked into that excise tax credit in MD and I remember seeing that there were no funds available for 2020. I’d just double check that.

Whether leasing or buying I’ve found that dealers rarely offer more than a 5% dealer discount if that.

Good Luck.

In Phev there is a 8.9 kwh battery, therefore, looks like you could get upto $900, which is still not too bad.

My bad, I thought it had 28. something. Yes $900 not bad…