2019 Honda CR-V EX AWD 36/12 Evaluation, Please

I was offered this on a Honda CR-V EX AWD in Michigan. Michigan is a tough state for Honda deals because dealerships probably don’t do enough volume to get to the good manufacturer kick-backs.

MSRP: $28,750
Selling Price: $26,450 ($2,300 discount)
Incentives: $1,000
Term: 36/12
Acq. Fee: $595
Doc Fee: $220
Residual: 59%
MF: 0.00065 (1.6% - buy rate)
Monthly: ~$299 includes MI tax
DAS: ~$500

I need to get the deal a lot lower than that for the buyer to accept it. I probably need to get the discount to > 13%, which doesn’t seem achievable on a Honda.

what incentives did they apply?