2019 Honda Civic Si White Coupe NJ


280$ a month 12000 miles /y 0 down - brand new 200 miles one week old (lots of miles from driving it from north Jersey to South Jersey and back) - I payed 650$ at delivery. Yours for 0 down.

Why are you transferring?

I had an M2 that I just sold - thought I was mature enough to handle a fiscally sound automobile. 30th birthday on Friday - probably going to buy myself a convertible Mustang GT. Midlife crisis or what have you.

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lol I thought I was the same way but nope

Buy a Tesla Model 3 Performance instead. Way quicker and more fiscally sound.

I do not believe Honda allows lease transfers?

Holy impulse buyer’s remorse going back for another dip. Bad news: You cannot transfer out of a Honda. Your only option is to sell it.

Mod it and enjoy the car, and/or buy a cheap weekend and sunny day toy.

Cannot transfer Honda/Acura leases