2019 Honda Civic Si $274.11

Monthly Payment: 274.11
Down payment: 274.11
Just got this deal on a Pearl white Honda Civic Si Sedan. What do you guys think?

Monthly payment tells nothing. You need to post the whole deal structure.

Goood deal even without seeing the MSRP

Need to see MSRP, Sale price, MF, residual, taxes, fees (doc fee, registration, etc.), term and mileage to make that call on. Did you trade in a car to get to that payment?

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Did Not trade in a car. Had to drive out of state to get this deal. Will post deal specifics shortly

Before or after taxes, with id take that deal.

That is after taxes

Still unsure of deal structure. Monthly payment alone is not too great of a deal indicator.

Why haven’t you posted the MSRP/Sales Price/MF/Lease terms/ of this car?

@chrishs2000 thanks didn’t know

If that’s all with no down, then it’s a decent deal. I got my 19 Mazda 3 select for $265/mo with tax and 15k miles

$25,220. Every Civic Si has the same MSRP.

this is a good deal I work as a CA for honda in central NJ good lease on SI now and I got my buddy 300/300 keep in mind he was a bit credit challenged and had a co signer

Who was the dealer?