2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Base Lease Thought?

Hi There !
I just got off the phone with OC Irvine Honda Dealer. I don’t have a detail pricing but here what we went through. Is this below considered a great deal ? Any opinion is appreciated since im very new to leasing Honda.

2019 Accord Hybrid Base
MSRP : 26,240
Negotiated price : 22500 ($ 23,725 minus $750 loyalty and $500 college grads)
Residual : 55%
MF 0.002x
Down : 2,000
miles 15k /36mo
The dealer told me that it will be $329 incl tax monthly

Thank guys!

Discount looks decent. Check Edmunds if MF is correct and not marked up.
Don’t put anything down,
In the end, Accord isnt the best car to lease, its almost 380/m for a base accord. Do you really need it that bad? You can find, with effort, a 530e for a little more if you really want to

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That MF and residual is INSANE for an Accord. Buy it or lease something else.

yes i kinda see it too, will consider financing

You should see Passport’s RV…

Almost $400 a month w/o blind spot and rear ventilation its a no-no