2019 Honda Accord EX-L 1.5T, 36/12k. What would a good deal be?

More info: I’m in the DFW area, my credit is fair. The two offers I’ve gotten today are $408/mo (down from an initial offer of ~$450… sheesh) and $389/mo. I wanna shoot for $360. Is that asking too much? My calculated pre-tax payment is $350.

I’ve been reading this forum all day and I feel like I should be able to get at least $360/mo somewhere, right? Or have these numbers changed significantly in the last couple months?

MF: 0.00103
Residual: 53%
MSRP: $31,050
Ideal discount: at least $3,000, right?
Incentives: $500 (recent grad)

Also, dealerships keep trying to throw in a “protection package” and window tint and other stuff like that. Can I tell them no on that?

That’s not how this forum works. Lease payment is an output, not an input. You need to calculate a lease payment based on the inputs, not ask us to do that work for you or guess at a monthly payment. Or you can hire a broker to do this.

Leaving this thread open but please put your proposed numbers into the lease calculator and come up with the payment yourself, then ask us for feedback on the inputs - not the output.

There are approximately 15,000 Accord threads on here to benchmark off of.

I left that out of my post, but that’s what I’ve done. My apologies. Here is my calculation.

I’m basically asking if there’s any room for me to negotiate a higher discount on the MSRP price, and other things like that. I apologize if I wasn’t clear, or if I’m still doing something wrong. I will edit my post.

Much better than your original post :slight_smile: Your links aren’t working, try to post the calculator again. Remember that TX taxes on the cap cost not the monthly payment.

Whoops, forgot the https://. Fixed!

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Tax in calculator is wrong. In TX you pay full sales price tax on the cap cost. I would be aiming for selling price of $27k;

Honestly it makes very little sense to lease a car like this in Texas. MF isn’t anything special and residual is extremely conservative. I would finance it all day long.

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Yeah, Texas is a hard place to lease at in the absence of tax credits. One of the challenges I deal with daily with clients.