2019 Honda Accord EX and 2019 Mazda CX-5


I am looking forward to lease a car. I visited various dealers but the quotes were out of my budget. So I finalized to get either 2019 Honda Accord EX or 2019 Mazda CX-5. What would be a good range per month for each? Also can I get Mercedes Benz C300/ BMW 330i/ Volvo S60 below $500/month (2019 models)?

Deal I got for 2019 accord ex:
M.s.r.p - 28,540, L.E.V%- 56%, cash down- $1395, monthly payment with tax -420.42, 12k miles per year. 36 months
Mazda CX-5 :
I will update in few hours. Approx: 3500 down, 292/month for 36 months. FWD. touring + preferred equipment package. ( will reduce further)

2019 Volvo XC 40 T4 momentum:
36 months, 10k miles. With 3k cash down it is 754 per month.
2019 C300:
Selling price- 52,375. Final price- 51,864 including discounts and tax, fees etc. cash down- 3500. 36 months, 10k miles per year. $673.
*** will update few more in some time.

Few things about me:
I am an international student, recently graduated and just started working at a company. Credit score is above 750. My budget is $500 or below per month. Apart from the standard features, I would prefer blind spot assist, anti collision systems etc.

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How to post for subleasing my 2017 Toyota Mirai?


So you want someone to do all the legwork for you? Cool. Good luck with that. Also your title and tags are the definition of useless. It can’t get much more generic

In the running for least useful post ever.


Get a broker, do the legwork yourself. If you’re a new grad, not sure if you have the credit score/history to get Tier 1 at luxury brands.

Have you thought about getting lease quotes for the cars you’re interested in? We can help you once have quotes.

Also, you may need a co-signer if you were just a student (international one at that). Good chance your credit history will be too limited for some of those brands.

Thank you for your suggestion! I will update it.

I am new in here, how do I get a broker? What should the credit score be for tier1? Thank you.

It’s not just credit score. It’s loan history. What is your history with secured loans and revolving credit?

Might as well figure this out before you get denied a bunch of times and bomb your score.

I updated with few quotes I have at the moment. Will update again in few hours. Thanks!

here is a great start to help you figure out who you want to work with https://forum.leasehackr.com/c/reviews

@chrishs2000 is absolutely correct. you probably don’t have a good enough loan history, whether it be automobiles or something else.

you also mentioned that you’re an international student, this would also deter some lenders because what’s stopping you from saying screw this I’m moving back home to the motherland and leaving debts and open credit accounts? (This has happened on countless of occasions believe it or not)

Tier 1 varies from one financial service to the other. I would say 700+ should be good, some places require 720+.

I’m just going to go out on a limb and say those are all some of the worst deals I’ve ever seen for each car quoted.

You are going to struggle to find a decent deal given limited credit/loan history. Even then, it shouldn’t be that bad!

Those are some bad deals. No bueno.

I will go through the link. I don’t have loan history here. I took loan back in my home country and almost paid it and I don’t think that would count. I do have a credit history of 750+. Thank you!

That ex Honda Accord quote is disgusting. It’s not even an EX -L!!!

I know! That is exactly why I am here to figure things out and find a good deal.

What you pull out of your credit karma app or any other free ones only gives you a relatively good idea of where you are. When the dealer pulls it, it will be based on the Auto Credit score from the three major agencies. If I remember correctly it’s something like Auto Fico, Auto v8, and another one (from experian, transunion, and equifax?) Temper expectations, but I believe you should be in the 700 range.

You have an empty credit score if you have no loan history and no history of managing revolving credit. It literally means nothing. You can try to apply, but you’re better off getting a car loan from a credit union. Once you get denied a few times, your score will totally tank as it is based on almost nothing.

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