2019 Honda Accord 1.5 Sport

Hey everyone,

I am new to the site and and I have to start off saying that I suck at the art of negotiation. I get nervous talking to salesman. It’s time for me to buck up and really start diving into the game and stop being taking advantage of.

Anyway, I am looking to lease a 2019 Honda Accord Sport 1.5. I posted the LH calculator with a deal I am comfortable with. My question: The MSRP for the car is $27, 110. I am looking at a selling price of $22,501 which is a 17% discount. I am currently in New Jersey. Do you think me asking the dealerships for this as a starting point would be dumb of me? Just trying to see if this is realistic. I really don’t want to look like am idiot asking for 17% right off the bat if it’s not even possible.

I appreciate any information you guys can provide.

I would suggest searching here and on an Accord specific forum (for their price paid thread) to see what other people have gotten as discounts and then assessing whether your goal is attainable.

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I don’t recall seeing a 1.5 Sport sold at that price, but I could be wrong. Research on here and driveAccord.


Plenty of brokers around here to let you just sign and drive and not worry about anything else.

If you qualify for the Loyalty Program offer 2k under invoice and don’t expect more. If you don’t know if you qualify for the Loyalty Program and don’t know the invoice price you need to do more research or you will look like an idiot.


Thank you everyone for the information,

So I got an initial offer from the deal via text. He can do $273 a month out the door. 0 down and only first months payment due at signing. The MSRP of this car is $27,110 (includes destination fee). According to Edmunds TMV the “Dealer Retail” is $25,344.(I am guessing this is the invoice?) The selling price of the car is $20,986 after all the incentives ($750). RV is $15,176 and MF is .00056.

The payment includes all DMV and dealer fees. Can I push and ask for $265 a month with the same 0 down, 1st month payment due at signing or am I just pushing it. Accord to LeaseHackr Calculator, the numbers don’t match up. unless i am doing something wrong, it looks like with the discount he included I should be at $247 a month.

There is no way you are getting a selling price of $20,986 which is why the calculator doesn’t work out. Unless he’s selling at that price then adding accessories/BS.

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You have your own sales tax incorrect for one. Thank God it’s 6.625% instead of 9%. Ask for a lease sheet breakdown. $273 seems decent though as a first offer

Fortunately, these days you can (and should) do all of your negotiations via email. Don’t go in until the numbers are finalized and the deal sheet is in hand.

Yea… thanks for bringing that to my attention. It seems like I copied the wrong tab… either way it would of been wrong because I put 7% and not 6.625% so I appreciate the information. I will go back to him and ask for the lease sheet breakdown.

I’m in NJ too and looking to lease the 2019 accord sport 1.5.
Did you end up finalizing the lease? How were the numbers?

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