2019 Highlander XLE AWD- $350/mo 42/10k $500 DAS

Sorry, new here, but wanted to share a deal and couldn’t quite the get calculator to show my numbers:

2019 Highlander XLE AWD
42 mo/10k miles
$500 DAS (including all taxes, fees, 1st mo payment, etc.)

This was also while turning in a 2018 Rav4 Lease only 18mo in to a 36mo lease.

How’d I do?

not an expert, monthly looks good. 42 months tho is no bueno. I would look into the cost of a 3rd party warranty for toyota vehicles, you can take your chances in the 6 months after your factory warranty ends at 36 months but if something breaks you’re on the hook for it as it’s not under bumper to bumper warranty. Japanese cars are typically very reliable but better to be safe than sorry, again totally on you if you wanna take a chance. Enjoy the car though!

Agree - but likely will get get rid of it before the warranty expires. Seems to be a US Bank thing right now leasing out much better, especially at the 42 mo.

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42 months sounds not pretty.

Have fun getting out of a US Bank lease early…

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I’ve transferred 4 usbank leases. Takes 3 weeks. $650

I just ran by a dealer and a Highlander LE AWD 12k miles, 36 month, $0 down costs $350 per month.

Let me know if this is a good deal

Not only does this post lack the basic info of a normal deal, you also lack the information of your trade in… so if you’re if you’re asking if $350 is a good deal, it’s alright.

Man are you a salty dude tonight. Shitting on every single thread you can find.