2019 Golf GTI SE

Hey all,

Looking at a golf gti se but what I’ve read on here and what I seem to be getting back from the dealers doesn’t look good. This was the latest I just got back from one dealer;

I’ve asked for mf and residual amount, also said that 1k off msrp is a joke and we can start talking properly once its under 30k. Should I look at something else? I’m trying to get this closer to $380ish/month, is that doable?

Any help is appreciated! I’m in socal as well if that helps.

Well, to control the deal you need to know exactly what to ask for and help the dealer get there. Find the residual and MF from edmunds and find out if there are any rebates this month or if you qualify for any programs, then plug them into the calculator and see what you get, then discount to car until you achieve the desired the payment and then ask the dealer for that. Not too complex, but you gotta know everything about the structure of the deal you want before you even walk in, you can’ just walk in and ask them for 380 a month.

If things don’t start adding up or if they put a deal before you plug it in to the calculcator and see what theyre marking up so you can tell them straight up what needs to get fixed to get to where you want.

Someone four-squared you and then wiped his butt with it.

thanks for that, will do!

That is horrible. You need at least 14-15% off. These cars have no incentives beside college grad.