2019 GMC Acadia SLE Lease


Good Afternoon All,

First time leasing, so any advise/ guidance will be greatly appreciated. I am looking to spend some where between $250 to $280 per month on lease ( in Long Island,NY). With $0 down will that be possible? If yes please advise. If not then can anyone advise on how much do I have to go up on the either the lease or put cash down for a decent low cost per month lease? Thank You.

Putting cash down doesn’t get you a decent low cost per month lease. It costs the ~exact same amount.

I’m not too familiar with GMC, but the first thing you want to make sure is that the dealership is giving you the base MF and Residual, which you can usually find on the Edmunds forums. Then, you’ll want to just shop around until you can negotiate the best pre-incentive discount possible.

Change the title to Terrain and it might be possible


Wish I could. Terrain is 5 seater and I am in desperate need of a 7 seater with impending family arriving.

Highlander is the best deal for that right now, sucks that you can’t do msd’s

Check out deals at Atlantic Chevy.