2019 GLS lease review

Hi all,

Hoping to get some insight on this deal:

2019 GLS 450 demo
MSRP 79,xxx
2k down
790/month including tax



Selling price? MF? Incentives?

They’re not disclosing the MF or selling price. It’s a “dealer special” they say… :confused:

Edmunds is your friend

You can get better

I’ve been researching the same

Have you tried Thousand Oaks?

They have 2 demos with approx 9950 miles on them

Almost pulled the trigger on one (still may if @Cody_Carter sells my Tundra) :money_mouth_face:

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Thanks for the info ! I’ll give them a call!

@CALIdriver What kind of offer did you get if you don’t mind me asking ?

Search on the forums, but someone posted about GLS offers in PA. (You can either use it as a reference or if it’s a substanially better deal, it might be worth shipping the car back to you)

Found it: ‘19 GLS loaners - Pa *no affiliation

9950 miles (a lot miles) for a demo, can they still lease them?

$695 sign and drive


Under 10K you can. So they are probably not driving them unless they have a serious buyer

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Exactly what they told me

Even said they had a sign on it not to test drive so they don’t go over

@CALIdriver: they quoted me 760 on 36/12 for a 79k MSRP . And that’s with 2k down…

Seems like these GLS have good deals. I might have to look for one locally…