2019 GLC43 lease offer help

Hello hackrs,

I’d like to get some advice/input on the lease offer I got from a dealer.
I don’t actually know how to negotiate lease deals unlike financing which is pretty straight forward. Do I ask them to lower the sale price further to get a better deal than this?

MSRP incl. destination: $61,945
Discount: $10,786 incl. $5,000 Lease Incentive
Lease price: $51,158
Residual: $33,450.30 (54% of MSRP1)
Money Factor: 0.00199
Mileage: 7,500
Term: 36mo
Per month: $660

Due at Signing: $4,493.07
$1,655 NJ tax
$0.00 down payment** ,
$660.27 first month’s payment,
$1,095.00 lease acquisition fee,
$350.00 New Jersey additional regnew fee
$204.63 New Jersey luxury tax
$409.00 reg/title/doc transfer New York plates fee
$119.00 wheel locks

Thanks for your inputs!

Negotiating a lease is just like negotiating a sale. Negotiate pre-incentive selling price and make sure you’re aware of what the mf/RV/incentives are so you can determine your payment. Be sure to get MF/RV/incentives from Edmunds before going any further.

Thanks for your input!
Are you saying I should first find out what the MF and RV is from Edmunds then use that as a benchmark for offers?

You should both use them to calculate numbers before talking to a dealer and to verify their numbers as part of an offer as dealers will often mark up the mf.