2019 glc350e , 425.49 a month plus 989 sign off

Just signed. So Cal (OC):

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Mercedes Glc350e

MSRP: $53445
Selling Price: 11% dealer discount + incentives (sales price pre-incentives approximately 47575, don’t have doc in front of me now)
Monthly Payment: $425.49 (inclusive of OC tax)
Cash Due at Signing: $989.xx
Incentives: 4460 federal, 2000 lease cash, 1000 Mercedes store certificate.

Annual Mileage:12k
*MF:.00151+MSD reduction

Leasehackr Score: on cell phone and not taking the time to plug in the numbers.


what dealer was it?

Great deal! I’m your neighbor in OC. Do you know which dealer it was. I was looking for my wife as she needed this car due to back problems. Thank you in advance.

Hi were the incentive deducted from selling price or considered Tax incentives (cap cost adjustment)? I couldn’t replicate this pmt in calculator. Can you pls share the dealer info? Thanks

if somebody can replicate this deal on east coast let me know

Looks good plus you qualify for purple carpool stickers.

With an 11% discount plus 4460 plus 2500 United fleet and 10 MSDs they quoted me 426 inclusive of tax and 1489 sign off, which was about what I was getting in the calculator when I put rebate and incentives as taxed incentives (give or take a few dollars). When at the dealer, I flipped out the 2500 United fleet for the 2k lease cash plus 1k Mercedes store certificate, so they reworked the numbers to make the drive off 989.

One additional note in case it is helpful to others. Danny at Simonson Mercedes was offering stock #[first three digits removed so it doesn’t show up on a google search]01225 (MSRP 52965) for a selling price of 39995 after incentives and rebates (federal rebate and United but not Mercedes store, which I don’t know if they accept). I didn’t end up pushing this deal since it was further from me and was happy with what I got but that might be a good starting point for others if they are interested and you might consider reaching out to Danny to see what he can do.

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12k miles- wow good deal.

Ya, the ideal term for those that can swing it is 36/10. Drops rv by 2% and would have bumped another 30/month off this deal. But the friend I was negotiating this for needed 12k.

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