2019 GLC300 for $579/mo ($579 DAS) vs. 2019 Macan for $700/mo ($2300 DAS)

Which is a better deal? Which would you pick?
Both are 36mo, 10k/yr in SoCal.

2019 Mercedes GLC300 4MATIC
The 2020 with the minor design refresh just came out, so the discounts are deeper on the 2019s.
MSRP: 51,670
DAS: $578
Monthly: $578 (incl tax)

2019 Porsche Macan Base
This is the refreshed design that came out this summer.
MSRP: 59,220
DAS: $2301 (will prob roll this in as the last min)
Monthly: $700 (incl tax)

IMO the Macan feels newer and more fun, the GLC is the safe option.
The Macan will cost me about $6k more in payments over the next 3 years, not including more on insurance and likely more expensive maintenance and wear and tear charges at the end. The Macan lease is via US Bank, which is less flexible and potentially tougher on returns (so I’ve heard) than Mercedes.

I know there are better deals out there for the GLC350e, but inventory is very limited on those right now and they simply don’t come with a few of the options I want. A shame on both counts, would prefer to get the hybrid.

I also looked at the 2020 GLC300, and was surprised that the offers I was getting weren’t as good as the 2019 Macan (which only became available a month or two earlier).

Just called my insurance company to get quotes on both vehicles, to see if that influences my decision.

I was SHOCKED. They quoted me almost double for the GLC vs. the Macan. $264 (GLC) vs $149 (Macan). I asked the rep 10 times to check everything to make sure it was right. She was using the VINs for the quote.

I expected the Macan insurance to be a bit more than the GLC, especially giving the $8k higher MSRP.

So unless I’m missing something, this added insurance cost wiped out most of the savings I’d get by going with the GLC.


Do you really need a 4MATIC in SoCal?