2019 GLC 300 loaner deal check

Is this a good deal for Leasing a 2019 GLC 300 loaner car in Oregon?

I’d roll in drive off fees and put down 4 MSD at $2k which will bring your MF all the way down. It’ll only be an extra $18/month. How’d you get such favorable numbers?

You should push for a higher discount or look at 2020s. Your low miles will have a better RV and net you about the same payment.

Edit: just noticed it’s a 2019. Adjusted comment.

I think you can def get a higher discount considering it’s a higher mileage 2019 loaner and it’s also the last month of support (as of now) for this model.

What do you mean by the last month of support? How do you think I can negotiate for more discount?

They do not accept MSD. How much more discount do you think I can push?

Last month of support means after this month, MBFS will not have any lease support for this model. It could be extended with everything going on but thats up in the air.

As for MSD, where are you located? If not in NY/NJ, then most other dealers will accept MSD. It’s likely they just they don’t want to.

As for discount, if you have the current numbers in writing, you can shop around or just keep negotiating with this dealer on this car and wait because they need these sales.

You said Oregon, did you ask the dealer about MSD? If they say they don’t, ask the next dealer.

As for discount, I would negotiate for about 25% discount on that car (another $3k off) to put you under $400. Or else shop around, there are better deals out there.

You need to separate the incentives from the dealer discount. I would either ask for more or shop this deal.
Good luck.