2019 Giulia Ti Sport AWD 27 month lease Ohio

Hey all, I had an earlier post about a Giulia Ti Sport for $400 per month (FOR 39 MONTHS) with first month due at signing, MSRP of 50150. In Cleveland area for reference.

I went back to the dealer and received the following offer, somehow prices went up? Claims Chrysler incentives dropped off during December. His breakdown didnt list incentives and dealer money off separately

MSRP - 49490
Selling Price (after incentives) $36490
27 Month
10k Miles
$440 Monthly, first month DAS
Residual 57%
MF .00087

I am having a hard time telling if I am getting screwed or not, even with the calculator. Any help is appreciated, I go back on the 26th


You need to check these terms with edmunds for the residual and mf and report back.

I’m also looking at Guilias this month. It seems from autobytel that $1000 of incentives disappeared in the last few days. I’m waiting until next month to see if incentives go up.

Given that you’re in Cleveland, you should also check with @Justin_Sutton, if you have not already - he’s in Erie, so could be worth the drive.


Do you have the $1000 Amazon gift card incentive included? If not, make sure you get that too. (ends 1/2/2020)

@jon1 do not have that gift card… is it universal across dealers? Thanks for the info. Also, what sort of deals have you seen for comparison

I got it from Facebook by following Alfa Romeo USA. It showed up as a promotion in my feed. I tried finding a link for you but couldn’t. Its universal across dealers, but you need a code.

@jeisensc Difficult to find exact numbers of course, but based on research MF and RV seem to be appropriate. Was told RV dropped due to recent release of 2020 models. Was also told that MF was slightly increased to to incentive change? Not sure if this is accurate or salesman BS

Any Updates?

@Chuyojeda that deal is cleared but I’m looking for advice from the community here to see if this deal can be pushed further, which I really think it can. I’m discussing with my salesman tomorrow the 26th

Really looking for advice here today, if anyone has wisdom to share based on these numbers anything is welcome