2019 Foresters are here

And more in transit. Nice looking Sport.


Looks good – You getting one?

Next year and the Touring.

Your gonna finance or Lease?

Also how does this stack up against the Infiniti QX50 (The MPGs are similar) – I went to look at the QX50 yesterday and left unimpressed.

I leased my first, but now only buy them. You can’t really compare it to the “luxury” Infinity - different class. And I don’t like anything Infinity/Acura/Lexus, anyway :slight_smile:

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Looks nice. It looks more like the Impreza which I really like. I hope they give you the 3.6 option, but they’ll probably wait a year or two before they allow that option. Or maybe it’s time for a new engine option.

It actually does look like Impreza from the back. Not 3.6 - they never had it on Forester. But 2.4 from Ascent would do.


The current APR rate is 3.6% – quite high compared to 0% on the 2018 models

They are usually 1.9% for 63 months, but with the rising rates we may not have it any more. It’s too early for lower rates on 2019s, anyway.

Looks nice. Needs Turbo.


Hey all first time looking to the internet for leasing advice, didn’t know you could ask the dealer for the RV and MF before!

So with these numbers tell me how far I am off or what I am missing.

2019 Subaru Forester Premium with some extras.
model/package KFF15

exterior diming mirrors
homelink dimming rearview mirror
cargo tray
floor liners
led upgrade
rear bumper cover

MSRP $30,491
Sale Price $28,255
Doc Fee $250
RV $19819
Registration Fee $33
Sales Tax in my area is 8%
MF 0.00135

I want to lease this for 36 months with 10k miles (I may upgrade)

From the lease hackr calculator its saying
0 down payment
$271 including tax per month
$303 due at signing


$1500 down payment
$224 including tax per month
$423 due at signing (and $1500 down payment)

I have a ~800 credit score

The thing thats throwing me off is when I went to the dealer two months ago before all the numbers were out he told me I was looking at $318 a month with $1500 down. Now that I have the numbers I am wondering if the dealer is really trying to screw me.

I go to pick it up Monday the 8th so I am thinking thats when I can negotiate the rates and get to what leasehackr is saying it should be.

Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated!

Love the look, just wish they didn’t go so overboard with that orange trim everywhere and on the inside to.

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Get RV/MF there and try for higher discount, though I doubt you can get a good deal yet.

Your calculation is wrong. Just depreciation and rent costs is $300/month, not counting tax and any fees.

huh? I used the calculator from this site so I don’t know what you are talking about. Not sure where youre coming up with the 300. Show me your math. Depreciation and fees are the whole point of knowing the RV and sale price with the MF.

Do you even know how to calculate a lease payment yourself? You should probably read up on it and make sure your numbers are right before questioning others.

Depreciation of $234.33/mo and rent of $64.90/mo alone is $299.23, not including any acq/doc//title/license fees and taxes.


The default values in the calculator for MF and residual are just placeholders. You need to input the correct ones

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All that orange trim is just hideous. Subaru should just embrace its values and stick to what it’s good at. Ascent is a good example. It looks like an Outback but slightly better IMO. No hideous trim in sight.

He is waiting for when they announce the $50 test drive gift certificate for Amazon …

Yeah, the current $35 is not good enough to even consider it.